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Female genital mutilation is a
human rights violation

No girl deserves to be cut. Join us to help bring an end to this
outdated practice and give these girls their voices back.

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What is FGM and why
should it end?

FGM, female genital mutilation, is an ancient practice that involves cutting away and/or sewing together the female genitalia. In Africa, it is referred to as "the cut" or "circumcision." FGM is a cultural morality practice, rooted in inequality and discrimination against women and girls in a misguided attempt to curb sexuality and increase marriageability due to subsequent "purity."


This is often a precursor to marriage (child-brides), and once married off, a girl's education ends. The unfortunate outcome is a lifetime of health risks, pregnancy complications, anemia, and more. This practice is a human rights violation and needs to end for good.


How We Do It

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Educate and Spread Awareness

We work to educate others on what FGM is and why it needs to end.

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Restore Their Dignity
and Self-worth

We teach these young girls that they were beautifully made in God's image and that they are worthy.

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Raise up Champions for the Mission

Find others who will join us in spreading awareness and raising funds to help support as many girls as possible.

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Sponsor a girl
for a year

For just $96 a year or $8 a month to support a girl for a year. This will provide food and hygiene products for a year along with a biblical

FGM curriculum.

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Educate your friends
and family

Now that you have heard about FGM it's time to spread awareness with those around you! Together we can end FGM for GOOD!

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Host a Fundraiser

Get in contact with us about your fundraiser ideas or you can host a FB fundraiser to raise funds with your friends and family to take care of several girls.

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Over 4 million girls and women
are living with FGM in Africa today

Our goal for 2022 is to take care of 1,000 girls with food and hygiene essentials 
for a whole year along with mental health care. 

Get Involved

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Hear their stories

Meet some of the strong young girls who have experienced FGM and are now finding HOPE and peace in Jesus.

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About Us

Spread Truth started the Hive Initiative in partnership with the Kenyan Government to bring hope to FGM survivors, bring awareness of the issue, and help end FGM (female genital mutilation) for good.

Spread Truth has offices in both the US as well as Kenya, Africa. You can learn more about what we do by clicking the button below!

Contact Us

306 North Main Street, Bloomington, IL, 61701

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